Politics isn’t everything.  In times of insanity we can fall back on things that are . . . even more insane.  Like sports.  Years ago, when I had my own regular weekly commentary on NPR’s “All Things Considered”, I had the unique freedom to talk about anything I wanted to talk about.  So after weeks of offering what I’m sure were brilliant opinions about what was happening in Washington I devoted my entire broadcast – nationwide, to millions of people – to my beloved Cleveland Indians and their magical championship season of (!) 1948.  That, sadly, was the last time they won the World Series, before most of you who are reading this were born; probably before your parents were born.  One listener in Florida, another true believer, called after the broadcast to say he had forgotten who played right field on that team.  I knew, just as I knew the names of everybody on that team, even the ones who had been traded away mid-season. And I knew I wasn’t alone in my passion.  This was my home town; as a member of Congress I represented Oklahoma City but Cleveland is where I was born, where my parents were born, where my grandparents are buried.  And while I’m a fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder, when Cleveland won the NBA championship this week, I was All In.  One reporter referred to Cleveland as “Believeland”.  Yes!